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A guide to Redise Pack installation, operation and administration

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Server ports configuration

Servers used as Redise Pack (RP) nodes should ideally have all the below ports open between them for internal cluster communication purposes.

In addition, ensure that the ICMP protocol is enabled for communications between the nodes.

By default, the cluster assigns ports in the range of 10,000 – 19,999 to database endpoints. If you assign a specific port for a database when creating it, even outside of this range, the cluster will only verify that the assigned port is not already in use. You will have to manually update your firewall with the port for that new database endpoint.

List of ports and port ranges used by Redise Pack

Port Description
3333, 3334, 3335, 3336, 3337, 36379, 36380 Internal cluster usage
53, 5353 Used for accessing DNS/mDNS functionality in the cluster
8443 Used for secure (https) access to the management web UI
8080, 9443 Used to expose the REST API for cluster management
10000-19999 Used for exposing databases externally
20000-29999 Used for internal communications with database shards