Redis Enterprise Deployment

Enjoy a wealth of Redis Enterprise experience and work directly with our teams to obtain personalized account and product-lifecycle management, best practices, and expert guidance. From project planning and implementation to ongoing solution maintenance and optimization, we will be on your side, helping you to maximize your investment and protecting your most critical assets.
* Applicable to the Ultimate package only

  Silver: Includes project planning and documentation, a Technical Account Manager (TAM), technical and devop support and 24/7 monitoring for Cloud deployments, support procedures guidance and "best practices" emails. Datasheet Gold: Includes all Silver benefits, plus technical training, deployment planning & optimization, deployment sizing, infrastructure cost optimization and new feature updates. Datasheet Platinum: Includes all Gold benefits, plus a dedicated Enterprise TAM, a single point of contact in Support, 15 hr/week consultation, weekly and quarterly calls and reports, cluster health, performance and load checks and more.Datasheet
Project (use cases, solutions, depndencies, timeline) planning and documentationSilver: YesGold: YesPlatinum: Yes
Dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM)Silver: YesGold: YesPlatinum: Yes
Cloud - technical lead for initial deployment and subsequent add-onsSilver: YesGold: YesPlatinum: Yes
Cloud - devops support for applying deployment changesSilver: YesGold: YesPlatinum: Yes
Notifications about required fixes and upgradesSilver: YesGold: YesPlatinum: Yes
Training on support policy and procedureSilver: YesGold: YesPlatinum: Yes
Access to self-help troubleshooting documentationSilver: YesGold: YesPlatinum: Yes
Regular cadence of "best practices" emailsSilver: YesGold: YesPlatinum: Yes
Software - tracking and documenting your software versionsSilver: YesGold: YesPlatinum: Yes
Cloud training - account/ subscription/ databases configuration & managementSilver: No Gold: YesPlatinum: Yes
Software training - cluster/ A-A/ database configuration & managementSilver: No Gold: YesPlatinum: Yes
Expert deployment sizing - cluster, A-A, Redis-on-Flash, Search, GraphSilver: No Gold: YesPlatinum: Yes
Review updates on new feature and version releasesSilver: No Gold: YesPlatinum: Yes
Cloud - on-going planning and optimization discussionsSilver: No Gold: YesPlatinum: Yes
Cloud - consultation on minimizing infrastructure costsSilver: No Gold: YesPlatinum: Yes
Software - upgrade planning and assistanceSilver: No Gold: YesPlatinum: Yes
Enterprise TAM (supports 3 accounts max)Silver: No Gold: No Platinum: Yes
Up to 15 hours/week consultation time with TAMSilver: No Gold: No Platinum: Yes
Weekly conference calls and status reportsSilver: No Gold: No Platinum: Yes
Quarterly status reports and performance reviewsSilver: No Gold: No Platinum: Yes
Single point of contact for coordinating support issuesSilver: No Gold: No Platinum: Yes
Consultation & assistance with developing a migration plan to Redis EnterpriseSilver: No Gold: No Platinum: Yes
Production stage audits to check cluster healthSilver: No Gold: No Platinum: Yes
Throughput and latency checks to verify performance requirementsSilver: No Gold: No Platinum: Yes
Load testing design and reviewSilver: No Gold: No Platinum: Yes
Consultation in under or over-provisioned scenariosSilver: No Gold: No Platinum: Yes
Proactive review of optimal support package to fit your needsSilver: No Gold: No Platinum: Yes