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Redis Labs Enterprise Cluster (RLEC) is downloadable software for deploying enterprise grade, highly available and scalable Redis clusters with substantially lower operational costs than any Redis deployment method.

RLEC is the proven technology that powers Redis Cloud, and is reliably used in production by thousands of the world’s largest enterprises.

RLEC extends open source Redis and delivers operational benefits of stable, high performance, zero-downtime linear scaling and hassle-free true high availability with substantially lower operational costs.

Install RLEC in your environment of choice, be it in an on-premises data-center or your preferred public or private cloud platform, with full control of your data and configuration.

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RLEC Benefits

Enterprise Grade Redis Scaling & Clustering

Scale your Redis databases dynamically without any downtime, across multiple nodes and multiple cores. Increase your dataset’s maximum size by simply changing the memory limit setting, or increase the number of shards with the click of a button.

Always On, Automated High Availability

Enjoy the always-on high availability of RLEC with continuous operation, no human intervention and minimal operational effort. Redis Labs’ proven technology provides the only true high availability for Redis deployments that safeguards against all possible failure scenarios with built-in persistence, in-memory continuous diskless replication and instant auto-failover across racks, zones, datacenters, geo-regions and clouds.

Stable Predictable High Performance

Gain higher, more stable Redis performance with RLEC optimizations such as maximized command pipelining, optimized persistent connections to your database and better utilization of your available cores. RLEC delivers linear performance scaling with automatic shard migration and rebalancing even under extreme loads.

Substantially Lower Operational Costs

Lower the costs of managing and operating Redis by using RLEC’s UI, API or CLI to provision, configure, and monitor shards, automating their re-balancing and migration to efficiently maintain throughput and latency thresholds. Utlize RLEC’s natively multi-tenant architecture to run multiple Redis databases and clusters, on a single RLEC deployment. Gain upto 70% cost savings on large Redis datasets by using RLEC Flash to run Redis on a combination of RAM and more cost-effective Flash memory used as a RAM extension.

Enterprise Class Support

Gain 24x7 enterprise class support backed by the experts who develop open source Redis and who manage over 200k Redis databases for thousands of customers worldwide.


Seamless scalability

Grow your dataset beyond the largest node in the cluster and process it by any number of CPU cores, while choosing your own sharding policy. Scale your dataset dynamically, and without downtime, by simply changing the memory limit setting or increasing the number of shards with the click of a button.

True high-availability with continuous replication

Achieve continuous in-memory replication and instant automatic failover across racks/zones/datacenters with the click of a button. Protect your Redis datasets with UI, CLI or API-enabled replication, persistence, backups and disaster recovery.

Hybrid deployment and geo-region replication

Efficiently replicate Redis databases across multi-region RLEC deployments, over WANs or between RLEC and Redis Cloud Private (RCP), with built-in compression and WAN optimization technologies. Create multi-region, multi-cloud or hybrid Redis (on-premises and cloud) deployments that accelerate your applications and require zero time to DR.

Predictable high-performance

Gain top-notch performance even in intensive disk-access scenarios with RLEC enhancements such as maximizing command pipelining, maintaining optimal persistent connections to every shard of your databases, and utilizing multiple CPU cores. Real-time shard migration isolates high-load databases from other databases running on the same node.

Multiple dedicated databases

Run multiple databases over a single RLEC deployment, each in a dedicated process and in a non-blocking manner.

Unlimited database connections

Use as many database connections as you want.

Full featured management UI

Simplify operations with RLEC’s intuitive user interface (UI) to set up, configure and monitor the cluster and each database. RLEC provides configurable threshold-based alerts for over twenty important Redis metrics and integration with third-party monitoring tools such as Nagios.

Cluster automation

Automate day to day maintenance tasks such as database scaling, data-persistence tuning, auto-failover, re-sharding, shards migration and rebalancing needs.

24/7 support

Enjoy our premium 24/7 support with a support subscription, via the Redis Labs' online or phone helpdesk. Reap benefits from the tremendous operational expertise of the team that develops and maintains open source Redis and the professionals who manage hundreds of thousands of Redis databases daily.

To learn more, visit our RLEC documentation.

The technology behind RLEC

Redis Labs' patented clustering technology provides the following advantages:


Gartner Acknowledges Redis Labs as a Leader

In the 2015 Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems (ODBMS)

Free Your DevOps/DBAs
from Managing Redis!

Managed RLEC

Use our experienced devops team
to remotely build and manage your private RLEC environment 24/7.

Save Over
on Your Redis Deployment Costs!

RLEC Flash

Run RLEC on Flash
as RAM extension without
compromising performance.


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Redis Labs is the open source home and commercial provider of Redis, a database benchmarked as the world’s fastest. Gartner has named the company as a Leader in it's 2015 ODBMS Magic Quadrant. Redis Labs' software and service solutions power cutting edge applications with blazing fast enterprise-class Redis and are trusted by thousands of customers for high performance, seamless scalability, true high availability and best-in-class expertise. Redis is ranked the #1 NoSQL (and #2 database) in User Satisfaction and Market Presence by G2 Crowd, the top database technology on Docker by Datadog, the most popular NoSQL database in containers by and ClusterHQ, the #1 NoSQL among Top 10 Data Stores by Stackshare and both the fastest growing database since January 2013 and one of the top three NoSQL databases by DB-engines.


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