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View and Edit a Redis Enterprise Cloud Private Cloud Account

To view or edit your existing cloud accounts please select Cloud Accounts from the right side menu.

Select the relevant Cloud Account and click on him or his Edit button.

In edit mode please enter the following details:

  1. Account Name – Give the account a name so you could recognize him
  2. AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID – RCP user’s AWS access key
  3. AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY – RCP user’s AWS secret key
  4. AWS Console User – RCP AWS UI console user
  5. AWS Console password – RCP AWS UI console user’s password
  6. IAM Users sign-in link – This is the link you use to log into the AWS console (e.g.

You can delete your RCP Cloud Account from our system clicking on the Delete button. Please note, you can only delete a Cloud Account if it has no active subscription related to it.