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Creating a Redis Enterprise Cloud Private (RCP) Cloud Account

What is a Cloud Account?

An RCP Cloud Account holds all needed credentials and information of your account with your cloud provider to be able to set up your subscription.

Once a Cloud Account is set up you can reuse it with several subscriptions.

Create a new Cloud Account

To create an RCP Cloud Account, please select Cloud Accounts from the right side menu. Please follow our instructions on how to set up a user for RCP to use on your AWS account.
To create a new Cloud Account, click on the ‘+‘ button.

Please enter the following details:

  1. Account Name – Give the account a name so you could recognize him
  2. AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID – RCP user’s AWS access key
  3. AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY – RCP user’s AWS secret key
  4. AWS Console User – RCP AWS UI console user
  5. AWS Console password – RCP AWS UI console user’s password
  6. IAM Users sign-in link – This is the link you use to log into the AWS console (e.g.