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Creating a Redise Cloud Subscription

What is a Subscription?

A subscription is the plan that you sign up for on Redise Cloud. Each subscription has different features, price points, cloud providers and architecture to support your mission critical applications. A subscription is set to a specific Cloud provider and region (e.g. Azure – US Central), but you can have multiple subscriptions in different providers and regions, all easily manageable from a single console.

Create a Subscription

  1. Navigate to Subscriptions using the menu in the top right of the page.
    Subscriptions navigation
  2. Click on the plus sign
    Example Subscription UI
  3. Select your preferred Cloud Provider and region for your databases to be created in
  4. Create a subscription name. It will appear in the list of subscriptions so you can easily tell them apart.
  5. Select a plan. There are three types of plan you can create for. Choose if you want a Cache, Standard or Multi-AZ (Availability Zone) plan.
    Subscription Choices

    • Cache – Plans do not include replication or persistence of data. If the event ofa failure, new resources are immediately available with no change to your endpoint.
    • Standard – Plans can have a diverse set of features including in-memory replication, auto-failover, data persistence and backups.
    • Multi-AZ – Plans offer all the benefits of Standard plans, but with in-memory replication to another availability zone as well as auto-failover. Selecting this option will double the memory size of your dataset.
  6. Select the plan size and features you require for your use cases. You can have multiple databases within a plan, but their combined size cannot exceed the plan size. The exception is the Pay-As-You-Go plan where there are no caps. Please see the UI for which features are part of which plan.

    There are three types of plans to select from:

    • Free – The free 30MB plan is and continues to be free, as long as you continue to utilize it. Utilization is defined as connecting to and issuing commands to the database during a one month period. If the database is not utilized, then it will be deleted.
    • Fixed size – There are several fixed size subscriptions plans to choose from. In these plans, the combined memory usage of all your databases using this plan will be capped by a fixed limit for which you pay a fixed amount each month.
    • Pay-As-You-Go – With this plan, all features are available and databases can grow indefinitely. There is a fixed price for the first 5GB, then you pay according to usage (The price per GB can change according to the amount of memory you use). Please select “Pay-As-You-Go” from the options and the usage calculator will appear at the bottom of the create subscription page to estimate your costs.
  7. Click continue
  8. Next step is creating a database