Redise Modules

Trusted, tested and enterprise-ready Redis Modules

Why Redise Modules

Redise  Modules are trusted and enterprise-ready Redis Modules, verified by Redis Labs to work seamlessly with Redise Cloud, Redise Cloud Private and Redise Pack, as well as with open-source Redis.

Redis Modules Explained

These are add-ons that extend Redis to tackle most of the popular use cases for any industry. They seamlessly plug in, are processed in memory and enjoy Redis’ simplicity, high performance, infinite scalability and high availability. Modules can be created by anyone. The Redis Modules Hub is a Redis community website that lists all modules available with Redis.

With Redis Modules you adapt your database to your data rather than the other way around.
Use Redis Modules to easily include any functionality you need at the characteristic high performance and simplicity of Redis.

Redis Modules Bring:

  • Unprecedented flexibility :  Modules allow the implementation of any custom functionality in a packaged manner, including capabilities that are unavailable in other databases – for example: machine learning model serving or advanced image processing.
  • Increased operational efficiencies : Modules reduce the need to maintain specialty databases for different types of data. Not only do you eliminate specialized resources, you also gain the effortless operational simplicity of Redis
  • Higher performance : Modules implement typical database functionality at 5-10x higher performance.