Redis<sup>e</sup> Cloud

Redise Cloud

Secure, highly available Redis as a serverless, hosted, fully managed cloud service

Why Redise Cloud

Redise Cloud enhances your Redis experience with assured stable high performance, effortless scaling and robust high availability features including persistence, cross zone/region/datacenter replication and instant automatic failover, with no data loss.

Enjoy the seamless, zero downtime scaling and true high availability of Redise Cloud, provided on our servers, in your choice of public clouds : Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and IBM SoftLayer, as well as on Heroku, Pivotal Web Services, OpenShift and other PaaS providers.

Take advantage of the tremendous expertise of the team that develops Redis and relieve your operations team of any hassle related to managing and operating your mission-critical Redis.

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  • Infinite seamless scalability

    Grow your dataset to any size needed (beyond the largest cloud instances) without any downtime or limitation of Redis commands. Upgrade or downgrade by simply changing plan settings, without downtime and without needing to move your dataset between cloud instances.

  • True high-availability

    Enjoy high availability for your Redis databases, with continuous operation, no human intervention and zero operational effort. Redis Labs’ proven technology provides the only true high availability solution for Redis deployments, safeguarding against all possible failure scenarios by utilizing efficient diskless in-memory replication across racks, zones, data-centers and regions, instant automatic failover, persistence (AOF or snapshot), backups and disaster recovery. Redis Cloud has demonstrated resilience over many years, providing hundreds of thousands of databases with continuous operation while withstanding hundreds of cloud outages without data loss or interruption of service.

  • Predictable high performance

    Take advantage of the best performance in the industry with Redise technology that enhances Redis with numerous optimizations and processes datasets on the strongest cloud instances.

  • 24/7 Monitoring & Support

    Reap benefits from the tremendous operational expertise of the team that develops and maintains open source Redis and the professionals who manage hundreds of thousands of Redis databases daily. All your resources are constantly monitored as shown on our Status page. Enjoy our 24/7 support via online helpdesk or phone.

  • Encryption & authentication

    Meet your security goals without compromising performance, with Redise Cloud’s fully encrypted SSL connections, and apply multi-level authentication mechanisms, including:

    • IP whitelist
    • Security groups (on AWS)
    • Client-based SSL authentication
    • Redis password
  • Fully Automated Service

    Forget instances, clusters, scaling, data persistence / high availability settings and failure recovery. Select a plan, and end your operational worries!

  • Email Alerts

    Gain instant alert notifications for exceeding memory and connection limits, or crossing latency, high throughput or low throughput thresholds.

The Technology Behind Redise Cloud

Redise clustering technology, proven in production with tens of thousands of customers, provides the advantages of:

A zero-latency multi-proxy architecture that shields your application from all cluster complexity

Your application can continue working as if it is accessing a single instance of Redis with support for all Redis commands. The proxy forwards the requests to the relevant cluster shards in a fully transparent manner.

Cross rack/zone/datacenter/region true high availability

Redise includes watchdog processes that constantly monitor the Redis databases and nodes, behind the scenes, ensuring instant detection of any failure scenario and automatic failover across racks, zones, datacenters, regions and clouds.

Decoupling of the data path from the control and management path

Each Redis instance in Redise works as an independent unit in a “shared-nothing” architecture. Our cluster manager component runs outside of the Redis core and on each node of the cluster, making sure that operations like auto-scaling, re-sharding, re-balancing, failover, shard migration, database provisioning and software upgrades do not impact the data path. The cluster manager also ensures consistent high performance by using multiple internal algorithms to avoid “noisy neighbor” problems.

Simplified and automated operations and database management

Just choose the size of your dataset and Redise Cloud will take care of all ongoing operations such as database provisioning, clustering, auto-scaling by sharding, re-sharding, re-balancing etc. in a fully automated manner, with no operational overhead.