Redis<sup>e</sup> Flash

Redise Cloud Private

Fully managed, always-on, cost-optimized Redis service in private environments of major public clouds

Why use Redise Flash technology in Redise Cloud Private

For Redis use cases such as real-time analytics, time-series data analysis,  search, machine learning and  more, dataset sizes can become voluminous and the cost of memory can become prohibitive.  Using Flash memory as an extension to RAM can deliver cost-efficiency, while Redis Enterprise Flash continues to deliver memory-like latencies and high throughput, even at large volumes.

The unique Redise Flash technology  in Redise Cloud Private  slashes operational costs by over 80%,  by using SSDs as an extension of memory.  With its breakthrough  approach of tiering access to data, with keys and hot values in RAM, while cold values are stored on Flash,  this technology delivers the blazing fast sub-millisecond latencies and high throughput of Redis, with a lower cost infrastructure.

The Redis internal dictionary, keys and ‘hot’ values are kept in RAM, while ‘cold’ values (which typically account for the larger part of the dataset) are kept in Flash. Multi- threaded and asynchronous Redis is used when accessing objects on Flash for optimal Flash performance. Redise Flash is based completely on the Redis core architecture and is compatible with all Redis clients, data types and commands.

When to use Redise Flash technology

Redise Flash is suitable for use cases in which the dataset size is above 100GB, the values are larger than the keys and “hot” objects (key/value pairs) account for 10-40% of all objects.

Given the price/performance profile of Flash memory, Redise Flash can save over 80% in resource costs when compared to an all-RAM deployment. For datasets larger than 100GB, running Redise Flash in Redise Cloud Private is significantly lower in cost than managing your own Redis instances in the cloud.

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