Redis Named the Most Loved Database in Stack Overflow’s Developer Survey

In one of the largest developer surveys, Redis beats out all other database giants

Mountain View, March 22, 2017—Redis Labs, the home of Redis and provider of Redis Enterprise, today announced that Redis was named the most loved database in Stack Overflow’s Developer Survey results. Redis beat out PostgreSQL, MongoDB, SQL Server, Cassandra, MySQL, SQLite and Oracle in the database category.

The 2017 Stack Overflow Developer Survey asks over 64,000 developers about their favorite technology, coding habits and work preferences, and explores ways to help improve developers’ lives. The survey has been conducted every year since 2011 and this year comprised the largest group of respondents yet.

Redis, created by Salvatore Sanfilippo and sponsored by Redis Labs, is an in-memory NoSQL database platform, benchmarked as the world’s fastest. Redis powers cutting edge applications and is known to enhance use cases such as real-time analytics, fast high-volume transactions, in-app social functionality, application job management, queuing and caching. Redis was recently named InfoWorld’s 2017 Technology of the Year, for being an application acceleration cache, a versatile ‘data structure server’ and for creating new database functionality via Redis modules.

“The large developer community is an integral part of what makes Redis so special,” said Ofer Bengal, CEO of Redis Labs. “We are thrilled to see that the preference for the Redis platform exceeds all other databases in this industry. Redis Labs is committed to working closely with the developer community to build the fastest and most powerful applications.”

“As a central hub where developers go to help each other solve coding problems and level up their careers, we’re able to monitor new technology trends as they emerge,” said Jay Hanlon, Stack Overflow Vice President. “The enthusiasm around this year’s survey, which is the largest of its kind, and the excitement around new technologies like Redis are great testaments to the growing strength of the developer community worldwide.”

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