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This content was written prior to a change in Redis Labs' naming convention - Redis Enterprise is now the moniker for all our products.

Redis Labs User Survey Reveals Broader and Deeper Adoption of its Enterprise Redis Offerings

Customers grant top ratings to Redis Labs’ high availability, stable performance, seamless scaling and clustering

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif, December 13, 2016 at 04:58 a.m. PT

Today, Redis Labs, the home of Redis, announced the results of its customer survey, conducted and validated by TechValidate. The survey highlights extended Redis adoption in numerous critical use cases and applications, while endorsing Redis Labs’ demonstrated benefits of substantially reduced downtime, improved performance, faster time to market and extensive cost savings. Seventy percent of Redis Labs’ customers use Redis as a primary datastore, i.e. for data not stored in any other database and plan to migrate additional data into Redis from other datastores such as RDBMS-es as well as NoSQLs like MongoDB, Cassandra and others.

The TechValidate survey comprised 191 respondents from users across a variety of industries and included businesses of all sizes ranging from small startups to Fortune 100 companies.

“It is gratifying to receive strong validation for Redis Labs’ enterprise Redis offerings from such a large cross-section of the customer set,” said Manish Gupta, CMO at Redis Labs. “The data clearly demonstrates that Redis has become a preferred core element in the application development environment at large and small enterprises globally.”

A Global 500 Financial Services customer who participated in the survey states, “We like the access to Redis Labs’ experts to solve problems quickly and the knowledgeable tech staff. The product itself solves a lot of common issues with any enterprise application and provides ease of use with integrations.”

Another user at a Global 500 Telecommunications company declares, “We have come to rely on Redis. Redis Labs provides the enterprise-grade high availability and clustering to help us implement it everywhere.”

“Redis lets us scale our instance size which is critical since we can fluctuate throughout the month,” said Saxon Unrue, senior developer at Springbot. “We tend to use a fairly small amount of memory, but when we get a large influx of data, we are able to pay as we go and still get all the redundancy we need.”

Highlights from the TechValidate survey of Redis Labs’ customers:

  • Redis usage extends to a variety of solutions including mobile, e-commerce, corporate, social, analytics, personalization, fraud detection, IoT and interactive reporting applications.

  • 70% of Redis Labs customers use Redis as a primary datastore, to store data that is not in any other database.

  • Redis usage is growing as application usage and dataset sizes are growing, but data is also being moved from other databases such as RDBMS-es, MongoDB, Cassandra into Redis.

Details can be found in the Redis Labs’ customer survey as well as the open source Redis survey.