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Redis Labs introduces Landmark Machine Learning Module for Redis: Redis-ML

Deliver instant predictive intelligence with the combination of Redis-ML and Spark ML

Mountain View, October 4, 2016—Today, Redis Labs, the home of Redis, introduced an open source project Redis-ML, the Redis Module for Machine Learning that accelerates the delivery of real-time recommendations and predictions for interactive apps, in combination with Spark Machine Learning (Spark ML).

Machine learning is fast becoming a critical requirement for modern smart applications. Redis-ML accelerates the delivery of real-time predictive analytics for use cases such as fraud detection and risk evaluation in financial products, product or content recommendations for e-commerce applications, demand forecasting for manufacturing applications or sentiment analyses of customer engagements. Spark ML (previously MLlib) delivers proven machine learning libraries for classification and regression tasks. Combined with Redis-ML, applications can now deliver precise, re-usable machine learning models, faster and with lower execution latencies.

“The combination of Apache Spark and Redis simplifies and accelerates the implementation of predictive intelligence in modern applications,” said Ram Sriharsha, product manager for Apache Spark at Databricks. “This latest release from Redis Labs is a great example of Spark’s growth and maturity in enterprise machine learning applications.”

“The Redis-ML module with Apache Spark, delivers lightning fast classifications with larger data sizes, in real-time and under heavy load, while allowing many applications developed in different languages to simultaneously utilize the same models,” states Dvir Volk, senior architect at Redis Labs. “The Redis-ML module is a great demonstration of the power of Redis Modules API in supporting the cutting-edge needs of next generation applications.”

Redis-ML enriches Spark ML in the following areas:

Join Redis Labs at Big Data London on Nov. 4, 2016 to hear more about Redis Module for Machine Learning (Redis ML) with Spark Machine Learning (Spark ML).

The open source Redis Module for Machine Learning (Redis ML) is available at

Create additional modules to solve modern data challenges at the Redis Module Global Hackathon, registration for which is now open, with submissions concluding on Nov. 12th. The event is expected to bring together over 500 teams from around the world online and in the associated onsite hackathons in San Francisco and Tel Aviv. Participants will be eligible to win up to a total of $10,000 in cash prizes. Grand prize winners will be announced on Nov. 17th.

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