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This content was written prior to a change in Redis Labs' naming convention - Redis Enterprise is now the moniker for all our products.

Hashedin and Redis Labs Establish Partnership to Deliver Redis Enterprise Solutions

New Partnership Expands Redis Enterprise Global Reach

BANGALORE, India. July 14, 2017

Hashedin Technologies Pvt Ltd, the Bengaluru based Product Development Company has partnered with Redis Labs, the home of open source Redis, the world’s most popular in-memory database platform, and the provider of Redis Enterprise. The high performance, true high availability and seamless scaling of Redis Enterprise powers e-commerce, social, personalization, IoT, metering, fraud detection and other real-time applications, and is available in all major clouds as well as downloadable software.

Redis Labs is consistently ranked as a leader in top analyst reports on NoSQL, in-memory databases, operational databases, and database-as-a-service. Its Redis Enterprise platform has been adopted by over 7,000 enterprises, including many Fortune 100 companies including three of the top four communications, two of the top three healthcare, and five of the top seven technology companies.

Through this partnership, Hashedin becomes uniquely qualified to provide its customers with a high level of knowledge around Redis and Redis Enterprise offerings, as well as competence in supporting large scale Redis environments.

“Hashedin has been one of the biggest contributors to Redis open source since its inception, and we have been using Redis for our product development needs”, said Himanshu Varshney, CEO of Hashedin Technologies. “HashedIn and Redis Labs are planning a joint summit in India to support enterprise and start-up companies by creating awareness surrounding Redis Enterprise, and sharing adoption techniques”.
“We are excited to partner with one of the leading technology firms in India”, said Rod Hamlin, Vice President of Global Alliances and Strategic Partnerships at Redis Labs. “With the exploding popularity of Redis globally along with the rapid adoption of Redis Enterprise solutions, it is great to have a strong partnership with a respected and successful technology partner in this important region.”