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This content was written prior to a change in Redis Labs' naming convention - Redis Enterprise is now the moniker for all our products.

Garantia Data Unveils First In-Memory NoSQL Cloud at LaunchPad 2012

Finally! Reliable Memcached and infinitely-scalable Redis in a fully-automated cloud service

Israel, June 20, 2012 – SAN FRANCISCO and TEL AVIV, GigaOM Structure LaunchPad 2012

Garantia Data today announced the beta release of the first fully-automated, in-memory NoSQL cloud service offering reliable Memcached and infinitely-scalable Redis data store systems.

Garantia Data is one of 11 finalists for the GigaOM Structure LaunchPad competition, which recognizes emerging startups in the cloud computing industry, and will present its new In-Memory NoSQL Cloud on stage at the event today in San Francisco, CA.

Web companies, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, rely on Memcached and Redis to support high-performance and rapid growth. However, Memcached lacks reliability and Redis is limited in scalability – a dataset cannot grow beyond a single Master server. In addition, both require constant operational care.

Garantia Data’s breakthrough dynamic-auto-sharding technology virtualizes multiple cloud servers into an infinite pool of memory, enabling datasets to scale autonomously and continuously from gigabytes to terabytes and even petabytes based on their actual size. This zero-management service completely frees developers from dealing with nodes, clusters, server lists, configuration, scaling and failure recovery, while guaranteeing absolutely no data loss.

We have leveraged sophisticated technology to solve real industry pains,” said Ofer Bengal, CEO of Garantia Data.

Our new in-memory NoSQL cloud reinvents the way people use Memcached and Redis. We offer our customers infinite, continuous and fully automated scalability in a completely hassle-free cloud service. Memcached users enjoy full reliability with absolutely no data loss. Redis users enjoy infinite-scalability without compromising on any of the Redis commands.” “Garantia Data is a true zero-management service,” said Adoram Rogel, CTO of Abe’s Market, an online reseller of all-natural products. “We connected to the in-memory NoSQL cloud in seconds, and from that moment on we never had to deal with scaling, configuration or failure recovery again.”

Every web-scale application developer that uses distributed memory caching should take a close look at this break-through solution from Garantia Data,” said Paul Burns, president of cloud computing industry analyst firm Neovise.

It not only delivers Memcached and Redis capabilities as a cloud service through an API, it makes them reliable and scalable. It also eliminates the time consuming, error-prone administrative processes typically involved in establishing and maintaining private caching deployments.”

Price and Availability

The Garantia Data in-memory NoSQL cloud is currently available free of charge to early adopters during the beta phase. When it transitions to general availability later this year, the company will offer a “pay as you go” model, by which instead of paying for full instances, the customer will only pay for actual memory consumption, in an analogous way to metered utilities and at price per-gigabyte similar to those of plain cloud instances.

The Garantia Data in-memory NoSQL cloud is currently available on Amazon Web Services.
The company intends to expand its offering to other public clouds later this year.