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Garantia Data Extends Redis Cloud to IBM SoftLayer

Enterprise-Class Redis Data Store Now Available to SoftLayer Users

SANTA CLARA, Calif., January 15, 2014

Garantia Data, the leader in enterprise-class Redis and Memcached solutions for developers, today announced the general availability of its Redis Cloud service for the IBM SoftLayer cloud platform.

Completely served from RAM, open source Redis is the fastest data store available today, and one of the top databases chosen by developers to support use cases such as real time analytics, social timelines and notifications, job management and geo-search.

The Redis Cloud service is pre-built to overcome open source Redis limitations by providing infinite seamless scalability, true high-availability, stable top performance and zero management.

"Developers demand high performance computing power and speed from the public cloud,” said Mac Devine, CTO of the IBM Cloud Services Division and Director of Cloud Innovation. “With the addition of Redis Cloud, the leading managed Redis solution on SoftLayer’s cloud platform, developers will benefit from unmatched infrastructure and Garantia Data’s enterprise-class Redis so they can build scalable, highly available, and top performing apps."

"As developers increasingly experiment with bare metal verses fully virtual infrastructure models, many are learning that SoftLayer’s unique architecture can solve common performance issues.” said Yiftach Shoolman, chief technology officer and co-founder of Garantia Data. “The combination of our fully hosted Redis Cloud service with SoftLayer’s bare metal and virtual servers allows these customers to harness top application performance and availability for the benefit of their end users."

Garantia Data’s Redis Cloud service is now generally available for IBM SoftLayer’s Dallas region (DAL05) with a 25MB free plan and multiple paid-for plans, as detailed here.