Pivotal Partner of the Year 2018

Build and Run Cloud-Native Applications with
Redis Labs and Pivotal

Ready to transform how you build software with Pivotal? Then partner with Redis Labs and build modern applications with a modern database. Redis Enterprise helps enterprises speed up their transition to cloud-native apps and microservices with a secure, persistent, high performance and scalable data layer.

“Redis Enterprise is more than just a cache—it is a critical element to persist data and scale the data layer in a highly performant and distributed way.”
–Chad Sakac, SVP Alliances, Pivotal

Improve Developer Productivity, Unhindered by Infrastructure Complexity
Redis Enterprise on Pivotal Platform helps your developers build faster leveraging multiple data models—graph, streams, search, key value, document, and time series—extending Redis to power a versatile set of use cases.Learn More >

Built-in High Availability to Overcome the Toughest Outage Scenarios
Safeguard your application with full resilience against every type of failure scenario. With Active-Active geographic distribution you can scale effortlessly on the Pivotal Platform without interruption.Learn More >

Modern apps require modern databases

Redis Enterprise was designed to reduce the complexity of modern apps and microservices with enterprise-grade performance, scalability, high availability and application resiliency with no data loss.
Persistent Data for Cloud-Native Apps

Redis Enterprise simplifies access to your data layer with support for persistent storage and an optional ephemeral storage path.

Handle Peak Traffic Spikes

Our unique approach delivers multi-tenancy, high availability, linear scaling and high throughput for your App to handle millions of requests.

Build Apps and Microservices Faster

Build and deploy specialized service components, and provide each with the option to use its own data store.

Improve Cloud-Native App Delivery with Redis Enterprise on Pivotal Application Service (PAS)

  • Discover, manage and configure Redis Enterprise in PCF Ops Manager
  • Automate provisioning and minimize upkeep with zero-touch updates
  • Scale Redis dynamically without any downtime or performance impact
  • Achieve total resiliency for geo-distributed apps with Active-Active and high availability.
  • Identify resource utilization for chargeback and cost recovery
  • Resize deployments by changing service plans

Cloud Foundry Diagram

Redis Enterprise on Pivotal Container Service (PKS) is ideal for

  • Running Redis instances in containers
  • Provisioning persistent storage / volumes
  • Keeping your workloads properly isolated
  • Automatic service discovery and rolling upgrades with zero data loss
  • Clustered, stateful workloads such as data ingest, search and transaction processing

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Leading Companies Rely on Redis Labs and Pivotal

How Fiserv Runs Geo-distributed Applications with Redis Enterprise Active-Active on Pivotal Platform

  • Automated configuration and service updates
  • Geo-distributed applications using active-active for full resiliency
  • Business isolation and cost tracking for chargeback

Redis Enterprise Saves The Home Depot From Getting Crushed by Peak Loads

  • Seamless scalability to support millions of operations per second at sub-millisecond response times
  • Streamlined management of geo-replicated Redis Enterprise clusters
  • Automatic deployment, zero-touch update and recovery of applications

Why Redis Enterprise + Pivotal for Cloud-Native
Applications and Microservices

Learn Why The Pivotal Team Loves Redis >

  • Reduce operational complexity with PAS and PKS integrations
  • Use multiple dedicated databases in a single cluster
  • Scale instantly with predictable high performance, at millions of ops/sec with sub-millisecond latencies
  • Enhance security on your Redis deployment with built-in TLS/SSL encryption
  • Achieve local latency on distributed workloads with Active-Active resiliency
  • Accelerate app development using any of Redis’ 150 clients in over 50 languages and versatile data structures
  • Collect large volumes of data with Redis Streams for data ingest
  • Expand your use cases with Redis Enterprise modules such as RediSearch, RedisGraph, RedisJSON, RedisAI and RedisBloom
  • Extend your RAM to Flash with Redis on Flash for intelligent data tiering

Multiple Delivery Models

Redis Enterprise is available as a fully managed Database-as-a-Service—either hosted, in customers’ Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs), or as downloadable software.

Deployment capabilities include:

  • Multi-region, multi-cloud, on-premises or hybrid (on-premise and cloud) deployments
  • Built-in Kubernetes integration simplifies operations in containerized environments with automatic service discovery, high availability and rolling upgrades with zero data loss

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