Redis Labs and the IBM POWER Division jointly offer a powerful Redis solution over POWER8 servers and the IBM NoSQL Data Engine. This revolutionary product runs Redis on Flash as a RAM replacement (or extension), and works with any Redis client without changing the standard Redis API.

Redis Labs on Power utilizes IBM POWER8 servers, the IBM 840 Flash System, the IBM CAPI-Flash card and the Redis Labs Enterprise Cluster (RLEC) for Flash software.

Redis Labs on POWER dramatically cuts down the deployment cost of Redis, while maintaining an all-in-RAM sub-millisecond latency. A single IBM POWER8 server with an IBM Flash System can process over 200K ops/sec with sub-millisecond latency, while storing 90% of a multi-terabyte dataset on Flash and only 10% on RAM. Deployment cost is reduced by over 70%, compared to a pure RAM-based Redis solution.