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make Node.js redis super easy with Redis Cloud

Redis Cloud is a fully-managed cloud service for hosting and running Redis datasets in a highly available and auto-scalable manner, with predictable and stable top performance. It overcomes Redis’ scalability limitation and supports all Redis commands at any dataset size. The service provides in-memory replication and instant auto-failover within the same data center or across data centers. It completely frees developers from dealing with nodes, clusters, scaling, data persistence issues or failure recovery.

Setting up Node.js to work with Redis Cloud

  1. Create a new Redis DB at your Redis Labs account.
  2. Create a new node.js client as shown below and enter the following items (provided to you upon DB creation) to the line:
    1. The hostname of your DB's endpoint
    2. The port number of your DB's endpoint
    client = redis.createClient
        port, "hostname"
  3. You are done!

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