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Redis as a Time Series Database

Designed for Real Time Speed and Scale

Built to handle billions of metrics and events for real-time queries, RedisTimeSeries integrates instant analytics, event handling, and time-based data to extract meaningful insights. RedisTimeSeries is optimized to run at the rate of millions of read and write operations per second and is perfectly suited for Internet of Things (IoT), operational use cases, IT management and activity tracking solutions that collect, process and analyze high volumes of time-based data.

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Product Features

High-speed processing

Index your data by timestamp and can ingest over 50K data frames per second per node.

Simple & fast date range queries

Use built-in commands for querying between timestamps and aggregating by time intervals.

Rule-based data manipulation

Use rules for aggregating and consolidating data in real-time as it is added to the database.

Retention period for data

Automatically evict data to eliminate after-the-fact cleanup and efficiently utilize resources.


RedisTimeSeries is integrated with popular data collection, analytics and monitoring libraries, including

Telegraf for data ingest

Telegraf offers an output plugin for RedisTimeSeries, so you can pass on time-series data collected and processed by Telegraf to a RedisTimeSeries database.

Grafana for analytics and monitoring dashboards

You can easily integrate Grafana with RedisTimeSeries via its Prometheus adaptor.

Clients in Go and Java

RedisTimeSeries has native clients for Go (redistimeseries-go) and Java (JRedisTimeSeries), which are developed and maintained by Redis Labs.

Redis Enterprise Advantages for RedisTimeSeries


With multiple deployment architectures across multiple clouds and on-premises, remove the burden of building a custom solution


Bring high availability, data consistency and auto-failover to your time series database for a robust enterprise-grade solution


Keep data safe in-memory with multiple persistence options, diskless replication and tunable consistency


Use a multi-model database for your heterogeneous data and connect it seamlessly with your time series data for multiple use cases

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