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Redis Streams

Simple, blazingly fast data structure for managing data streams

Redis Streams is a simple yet powerful data structure for managing data streams. The data structure is built into Redis, enabling you to capture and process millions of data objects per second at sub-millisecond latency. Redis Streams create data channels that connect producers and consumers—even those with different data needs.

Streams data structure offers:

  • A variety of options for consumers to read streaming data and data at rest
  • Consumer groups to help consumers coordinate amongst themselves while reading data from the same stream
  • Super-fast lookup queries powered by radix trees
  • Automatic eviction of data based on a defined limit

Download the Datasheet

Benefits of Redis Streams

Built for speed and volume

Collect high volume data arriving at millions of operations per second and ensure no two consumers process the same data with effortless scale-out

Ensure reliable connection

Communicate asynchronously between producers and consumers, effectively manage data consumption and persist data when your consumers are disconnected

Data recovery from failure

Implement transaction-like data safety when consumers fail in the midst of consuming data, recover all the messages from a consumer that failed to process messages

Use Cases

Fast Data Ingest

Collect millions of objects per second with sub millisecond latency


Process binary and text data from many devices spread across multiple regions

Machine Learning

Stream training and classification dataset to the ML models


Transfer messages between producers and consumers with reliability

Job and Queue

Queue up workloads for trading, processing, routing, communication, etc.

Sample Scenarios

Connect multiple producers and consumers for asynchronous communication.
Enable microservices consuming the same set of data for different purposes.
Image Processing
Scale out consumers to catch up with the production rate.Image Processing
Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence
Connect many producers and consumers with various data needs
Deep Learning

How to develop apps using Redis Streams

Read this tutorial to learn how Redis Streams works and how to build a sample application that uses Redis Streams

Redis Streams Tutorial