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Search and analyze your data in real time with a low memory footprint

Enjoy a powerful search and analytics experience and get real-time answers from your data.

With RediSearch built in, Redis Enterprise enables applications to search with ease and speed across billions of documents stored in memory. RediSearch outperforms other search engines, supporting simple text searches, complex queries and advanced filtering to explore trends and identify patterns. It provides an auto-complete engine to guide users with an intuitive search experience.

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Lightning-fast searches and analytics

Answer any question from your data up to 5X faster than Solr or ElasticSearch, with rapid lookups and search indexes optimized for high-volume traffic

Uncompromising reliability

Scale confidently, index continuously and automatically manage your indexes and queries across clusters

Multi-model real-time analytics

Interact with all your data flexibly, in any type or format, for real-time insights across a variety of modern use cases

How it works

Using its own highly optimized data structures and algorithms, RediSearch provides advanced search features with high performance and low memory use.

Review RediSearch Fundamentals

Scalable Distributed Search

Scale out and partition RediSearch over several machines, each of which can hold a small part of the complete search index for greater speed and memory efficiency.

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Simple Building Blocks for Advanced Analytics

Compose a pipeline of simple operations to develop advanced, aggregated queries that narrow down your search results. This incredibly powerful feature allows for data to not only be queried, but summarized mathematically to deliver analytical insights.

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Powerful Autocomplete Engine

Enrich your search experience with context-aware suggestions. Enable “fuzzy” searching where exact matching is needed, and maintain suggestions dynamically based on queries and questions.

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Mmake searching with Redis easy. Become familiar with RediSearch in minutes with our tutorials.

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