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JSON Documents with Redis

Fast, scalable and highly available document database

Benefit from a powerful document database that is purpose-built to store, retrieve and manage semi-structured data.

With RedisJSON, Redis Enterprise allows you to easily manipulate JSON values stored in keys that you can access with a specialized subset of intuitive commands.

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Fast manipulation of JSON data in-memory

Gain fast access to JSON sub-elements in-memory to process millions of operations per second at sub-millisecond speed

Native JSON data type storage

Easily manipulate JSON values stored in keys, with powerful commands for various  modern use cases

Multi-model data platform

Effortlessly connect your JSON documents to all other data models in Redis to simplify development and ease operations.

How it Works

Native JSON capabilities at the speed of Redis

Developing Applications with RedisJSON

Fast in-memory access to data for modern use cases

Store your data in a binary tree structure and easily references sub-elements in memory

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The JSON standard

Implement ECMA-404 (The JSON Data Interchange Standard) as a native data type. RedisJSON allows you to store, update and fetch JSON values from Redis keys (documents).

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Server-side atomic operations

Reduce response times and improve efficiency by eliminating any special serialization or deserialization of JSON objects

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Detailed Documentation

Become familiar with the RedisJSON module and learn how best to use it in your environment.

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