Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

Combine the advantages of world-class database technology and the innovation of a vibrant open source community with Redis Enterprise.

Setup your Redis Enterprise Cloud Account

Enjoy the seamless scaling, high performance and cost-effectiveness of Redis Enterprise databases with zero infrastructure impact.


Create Databases

Choose RAM or RAM +Flash deployments based on your performance/cost profile. With tiered access to RAM and SSDs, Redis on Flash delivers extremely high performance with less demanding infrastructure costs.


Monitor your Databases

Scale your datasets up and down seamlessly, with an in-depth view into key operational metrics, without any downtime. Built-in data persistence, durability and high availability ensure a fail-safe operation.

Redis Enterprise Features

Developers love us because

Faster time to value – Use native data structures that you already love and use (Strings, Lists, Hashes etc.) in your programming languages

Data structures with computations – Use specialized data structures like sorted sets, hyperloglog or geo-spatial that eases computational complexities

Multiple models for multiple use cases – Combine use cases like Search and Graph or serve AI models against Time series data in one place.

DevOps love us because

Ease of Use – Scale your databases with a click of a button and without rewriting the apps.

Geo distributed – Run Redis Enterprise closer to your users by providing local latencies or for redundancies without the complexities of managing clusters.

Large datasets – Run petabytes of data on intelligent tiered memory technology to get similar performance of a DRAM but at much lower costs.

7,400+ Enterprise customers | 1M+ Database created