Memcached Cloud

Memcached Cloud is a fully-managed service for hosting and running your Memcached in a reliable and fail-safe manner.


The Technology Behind Memcached Cloud is built on the proven technology powering the Redis Cloud service. Memcached queries are automatically converted to Redis queries and Memcached objects are stored and retrieved as Redis objects. This approach enables Memcached to enjoy the persistence, in-memory replication and auto-failover characteristics of Redis Enterprise. This unique and patented technology provides the following advantages:

  • Zero-latency proxy architecture that shields your application from all cluster complexity – your application can continue working as if it is accessing a single instance of Redis with support for all Redis commands. The proxy forwards the requests to the relevant cluster shards in a fully transparent manner.
  • Decoupling of the data path from the control and management path – each Redis instance in Redis Enterprise Cloud works as an independent unit in a “shared-nothing” architecture. Our cluster manager component runs outside of the Redis core and on each node of the cluster, making sure that operations like auto-scaling, re-sharding, re-balancing, failover, shard migration, database provisioning and software upgrades do not impact the data path. The cluster manager also ensures consistent high performance by utilizing multiple internal algorithms to avoid noisy neighbor problems.
  • Simplified and automated operations and database management – just specify the size of your dataset and Redis Enterprise Cloud’s fully automated management takes care of all ongoing operations such as node provisioning, clustering, auto-scaling, re-sharding, rebalancing, etc.

True high-availability

Instant failover – if a node fails or the entire data center is down, your data is instantly served from a replica in a seamless manner and without human intervention.

Fast storage engine

You can choose to constantly save your data to persistent storage without affecting performance. We enable Redis-style AOF (Append Only File) every second to network block storage (such as AWS EBS, Azure drive storage, SotflLayer SAN, GCE block storage).

Backups and imports

You can back up your dataset periodically or any time you want to an FTP server or any of the following cloud storage offerings: AWS S3, Azure Geo-Redundant Storage, SoftLayer Object Storage, Google Cloud Storage. You can easily import backups to the service. Use our memcached populator tool for importing backups to any server.

Infinite seamless scalability

Your dataset can grow to any size without having to deal with nodes and clusters. When upgrading or downgrading your plan, you do not lose any data, plus you don’t need to move your dataset between cloud instances; simply change your memory limit setting. Scaling, upgrades or downgrades do not involve any downtime.

Predictable high-performance

Datasets are processed by multiple cores and on the strongest cloud instances to guarantee best performance.

Multiple buckets in a plan

We enable multiple buckets in a single plan, each running in a dedicated process and in a non-blocking manner.

SSL authentication & encryption

We supports fully encrypted SSL connection without compromising on performance.

Email alerts

We provide alert notifications for exceeding memory and connection limits, or crossing latency, high throughput or low throughput thresholds.

Fully-automated service

Forget instances, servers list, clusters, scaling, data persistence / high availability settings and failure recovery. Select a plan and all the rest is taken care of by us!

24/7 monitoring & support

All resources are constantly monitored as shown on our Status page. Enjoy our 24/7 support via online helpdesk or phone.