Lower App Latency by 83%.

Slash Operational Costs by 99%.

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Redis Enterprise reduced our application latencies to under 10ms, with the least operational overhead on our team.”

Richa Gupta

Microsoft corporation

Achieve 83% lower app latency and 5x more app requests/second


  • Redis Enterprise delivers the highest throughput at the lowest latency (Independent performance benchmark by Avalon Consulting)
  • Redis Enterprise Pack amplifies performance by running multiple Redis instances on multiple cores.

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No SQL Benchmark

Slash your operational costs by over 75%


1 Million Writes/Sec
  • Redis Enterprise reduces operational costs with the most efficient use of your hardware resources and through its seamless automation, stellar high availability and linearly scaling performance.
  • Redis Enterprise Pack delivers even greater cost-savings with the use of Redis Enterprise Flash technology, that extends Redis to run on a combination of RAM and more cost-effective Flash memory.

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