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Hosted and serverless DBaaS. The fastest way to deploy Redis Enterprise. Price per GB. Starts at $5/mo. 30MB FREE TRIAL!


Hosted DBaaS in a dedicated VPC. Supports advanced capabilities like Active-Active Geo Distribution, Redis-on-Flash, Search, Graph or Document data models. Can be migrated to your own cloud account. Price per shard. Starts at $0.758/hr. FIRST $100 FREE!



Software you can install on any cloud or private data center. Includes all Redis Enterprise's advance capabilities. Downloadable software, in containers, on Pivotal CF, OpenShift or as AWS AMI. Price per shard. 30 DAY FREE TRIAL!

Deployment Options for all Your Needs

Cloud Software
Essentials Cloud Pro Software
Clouds AWS, Azure, GCP AWS, Azure, GCP Any Cloud or Private Data Center
Fully Managed Yes Yes
Hosted Yes Yes
In a Dedicated Cloud Environment Yes
In Customer's VPC Yes Yes
In Private Datacenters Yes
Infinite Seamless Scalability Yes Yes Yes
True High-Availability & Instant Auto-Failover Yes Yes Yes
Multi-AZ deployment Yes Yes Yes
Data Persistence Yes Yes Yes
Daily and instant backups, DR Yes Yes Yes
Security Groups / Source IP auth. Yes Yes Yes
SSL-support (data in transit) Yes Yes Yes
24/7 toll-free support hotline Yes Yes Yes
Memcached protocol support Yes Yes Yes
Data at rest encryption Yes Yes
Active-Active Geo Distribution (CRDT-Based) Yes Yes
Active-Passive Geo-Distribution ("Replica Of") Yes Yes
Redis on Flash Yes Yes
RediSearch Yes Yes
RedisGraph Yes Yes
RedisJSON Yes Yes
RedisBloom Yes Yes
Integrated with Pivotal CF, RedHat OpenShift and Kubernetes Yes
Pricing Per GB, starts at $5/mo, free 30MB plan Per shard, starts at $1.134/hr, first $100 free Per shard, annual subscription. 30 days free trial
Reserved plans Yes

A Primary Database for the Instant Experience

Combine the advantages of world-class database technology and the innovation of a vibrant open source community with Redis Enterprise. Gain pioneering high availability in the form of Active-Active and Active-Passive geographically distributed architectures, superb linearly scaling high performance and top-notch built-in search capabilities. Extend Redis databases to Flash SSDs for infrastructure cost-savings, and utilize your hardware to the maximum extent with Redis Enterprise.

Extend the already versatile Redis databases to an infinite range of scenarios with integrated and custom Redis modules, which inherit all the platform advantages of Redis Enterprise.