RED Workshop Berlin

If you’re using Redis or any other NoSQL database, and want to learn how to incorporate data structures and modules to simplify your applications, join Redis experts for a complimentary full day of tutorials and hands-on sessions.

The workshop will cover a variety of Redis Enterprise programming topics, including:

  • An Overview of Redis Data Structures
  • Handling JSON Data in Redis
  • Transactions and Pipelining
  • Designing Robust and Reliable Redis Deployments
  • RediSearch, RedisGraph and  ReJSON modules

At the end of the workshop, you will take away:

  • A working knowledge of Redis data structures and modules.
  • Sample code demonstrating session management, JSON data handling, and the Redis PubSub system.

A Continental breakfast and lunch will be provided.  The programming labs will be conducted in Python or Node.js, to participate in labs pre-install Python3 or Node.js (v10+) and a text editor of your choice on your own laptop.