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Redis in Action

1.4 Getting help

If you’re having problems with Redis, don’t be afraid to look for or ask for help. Many others will probably have had a similar issue. First try searching with your favorite search engine for the particular error message you’re seeing.

If you can’t find a solution to your problem and are having problems with an example in this book, go ahead and ask your question on the Manning forums: Either I or someone else who’s familiar with the book should be able to help.

If you’re having issues with Redis or solving a problem with Redis that isn’t in this book, please join and post your question to the Redis mailing list at Again, either I or someone who’s familiar with Redis should be able to help.

And finally, if you’re having difficulties with a particular language or library, you can also try the Redis mailing list, but you may have better luck searching the mailing list or forum for the library you’re using.