e-Book - Redis in Action

This book covers the use of Redis, an in-memory database/data structure server.
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    7.4 Job search

    If you’re anything like me, at some point in your past you’ve spent time looking
    through classifieds and online job-search pages, or have used a recruiting agency to
    try to find work. One of the first things that’s checked (after location) is required
    experience and/or skills.

    In this section, we’ll talk about using Redis SETs and ZSETs to find jobs for which a
    candidate has all of the required skills. When you’re finished reading this section, you’ll
    understand another way of thinking about your problem that fits the Redis data model.

    As a way of approaching this problem, we’ll say that Fake Garage Startup is branching
    out in their offerings, trying to pull their individual and group chat customers into
    using their system to find work. Initially, they’re only offering the ability for users to
    search for positions in which they’re qualified.