e-Book - Redis in Action

This book covers the use of Redis, an in-memory database/data structure server.
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    Chapter 7: Search-based applications

    This chapter covers

    • Searching in Redis
    • Scoring your search results
    • Ad targeting
    • Job search

    Over the last several chapters, I’ve introduced a variety of topics and problems that
    can be solved with Redis. Redis is particularly handy in solving a class of problems
    that I generally refer to as search-based problems. These types of problems primarily
    involve the use of SET and ZSET intersection, union, and difference operations to
    find items that match a specified criteria.

    In this chapter, I’ll introduce the concept of searching for content with Redis
    SETs. We’ll then talk about scoring and sorting our search results based on a few
    different options. After getting all of the basics out of the way, we’ll dig into creating
    an ad-targeting engine using Redis, based on what we know about search.
    Before finishing the chapter, we’ll talk about a method for matching or exceeding
    a set of requirements as a part of job searching.

    Overall, the set of problems in this chapter will show you how to search and filter
    data quickly and will expand your knowledge of techniques that you can use to organize and search your own information. First, let’s talk about what we mean by
    searching in Redis.