This book covers the use of Redis, an in-memory database/data structure server.

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Chapter 5: Using Redis for application support

This chapter covers

  • Logging to Redis
  • Counters and statistics
  • Discovering city and country from IP address
  • Service discovery and configuration

In the last chapter, we spent most of our time talking about how to keep Redis up
and running as part of a larger group of systems. In this chapter, we’ll talk about
using Redis to support other parts of your environment: from gathering information
about the current state of the system with logs and counters, to discovering
information about the clients using your system, all the way to configuring your system
by using Redis as a directory.

Overall, this chapter offers control of and insight into how your system operates
during runtime. As you read along, keep in mind that we’re looking to support the
continued running of higher-level applications—that the components we build in
this chapter aren’t the applications themselves, but will help to support those applications.
This support comes by way of recording information about the applications and application visitors, and a method of configuring applications. Let’s look at the first level of monitoring that we can add through logging.