Zefo’s Growing Ecommerce Platform Relies on Redis Enterprise to Scale

Zefo, the eCommerce platform, has always committed itself to giving buyers and sellers an absolutely hassle-free used goods shopping experience. Unlike most options out there, Zefo offers its users a seamless and transparent experience at incredible cost-savings. Zefo was growing in popularity and was running into difficulties scaling.

In order to deal with an accelerating user count, Zefo reliesd on Redis Enterprise’s blazing-fast speed & efficiency to maintain and deliver a stable experience to customers on its eCommerce platform.

Zefo’s Requirements

To faster serve more pieces of its application and manage a growing user base on its eCommerce platform.

Redis Enterprise Benefits

• Tremendous Cost Savings
• Faster Time to Market
• Ability to offer fewer specialized personnel
• Higher, more stable performance

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Redis Enterprise is easy to use and for our growing user count, its time to market is reliably fast!