Udemy’s Seamless User Experience Personalizes Your Search for Education

The popular online learning platform Udemy, offers courses that range from web development to photography. Such a broad range of courses requires highly personalized experiences. Udemy counts on Redis Enterprise to seamlessly and effortlessly personalize customer experiences for their e-commerce application, without any downtime.

Not only was the 24×7 support offered by Redis Enterprise was mission-critical for their service, but Udemy was most delighted by the high-level performance of Redis Enterprise.

Udemy’s Requirements

To maximize the efficiency of its mission-critical open source Redis installation in order to accommodate rapid user growth and application use.

Redis Enterprise Benefits

• Reduced downtime
• Higher, more stable performance
• 24×7 support for mission-critical Redis layers
• Ability to seamlessly scale, cluster, and auto shard

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Redis Enterprise works really well and is easy to manage! Additionally, Redis Labs provides excellent support!