Scopely Gets the High Scores with Redis Labs

Scopely is a rapidly growing mobile gaming company that is trailblazing a new publisher model. In just three years, Scopely has more than quadrupled in size and launched an unprecedented six consecutive Top-5 games in the Apple and Google App Stores. With their own internal gaming studio, Scopely makes first-party games, where the majority of the ideas are battle-tested to gain insights into efficient scaling techniques.


  • Find an efficient external Redis management solution that ensures reliable caching and limitless scaling
  • Enable high availability and quality, stable Redis performance
  • Decrease response times whilst simultaneously handling an increase in user engagement


  • Redis Labs’ Instant and infinite database scaling with no downtime or interruption to the service
  • Redis Labs’ proven highly-available, predictable and stable solution
  • Top Redis performance with Redis Labs’ incomparable response times and support


  • The flexibility to grow at any rate and to any size
  • Steady operational management as well as performance gains
  • The mental freedom needed to focus on non-Redis issues at hand, such as customer support and application development
"Redis Labs has all the key features we look for in an infrastructure-as-a-service product: automated scalability, automated failover and recovery, reliability, and superior performance."

Ankur Bulsara

Co-Founder and CTO at Scopely