Redis Microservices
for Dummies

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Develop and operate a high performance microservices architecture, with Redis

One of the top how to for dummies book, focused on microservices through Redis. There is more to developing a microservices architecture than simply breaking up a monolithic software application into a collection of smaller services. To fully realize the benefits of this modern app-development methodology, it’s essential to optimize the data layer. You need to consider how your data is managed, build interservice communication, and synchronize data across geographies and availability zones.

This microservices book is the best introduction to key Redis microservices terms and concepts. Our microservices book shows you how microservices work together to make apps scalable, easier to manage, and more resilient. Microservices for Dummies is the best microservices book focused on Redis microservices.


Redis Microservices for Dummies helps you:

  • Understand the fundamentals of a microservices architecture
  • Learn how to use Redis for messaging, storage,
    and caching
  • Design interservice communications while building new services
  • Synchronize data across clusters