White Papers

Redis Enterprise as a Database for Microservices

Microservices are in the spotlight as infrastructure building blocks for the right reasons. Among many other benefits, microservices enable decoupling of services, data store autonomy, miniaturized development and testing, as well as other advantages that facilitate faster time-to-market for new applications or updates. The availability of containers and their orchestration tools has also contributed to the increase of microservices adoption.

Redis Enterprise is an excellent database for your microservices. This paper explores the following points highlighting why Redis Enterprise is the right choice:

  1. Redis Enterprise as a containerized service; Kubernetes support for orchestration
  2. Light weight database that delivers high performance with low latency
  3. Built-in multi-tenant architecture that can support hundreds of databases in a single node cluster
  4. Redis Enterprise features that enable synchronization of data between microservices
  5. High availability and durability