Redis Enterprise – A New Approach to Multi-Model Database

Fastest Multi-Model Database For Modern Applications and Instant Experiences

What do key-value, document, graph, and time-series data models all have in common? They’re the key building blocks of Redis Enterprise’s highly versatile multi-model database.

These data models—and the many native Redis data structures that underpin them—allow Redis Enterprise to effortlessly support probabilistic data structures, comprehensive search functionality, stream processing, deep learning, and AI.

With no schemas or indexes to worry about, you’ll gain the ability to run direct data retrieval commands without queries or query planner abstractions in the middle. The result? A serverless, fully interoperable multi-model solution that captures enormous volumes of heterogeneous data at high velocity in order to deliver modern applications and instant experiences.

Download our data sheet to discover:

  • The many highly optimized data models and structures Redis Enterprise natively supports
  • How Redis modules like RedisAI, RedisGraph, RediSearch, and others provide ultimate flexibility and extensibility
  • How Redis Enterprise accelerates time to market and reduces operations costs

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