How Pixlee Uses Redis Labs to Serve Top Brands

Pixlee’s Personalized Visual Marketing SaaS platform sits at the intersection of photos and data, helping brands navigate the user-­generated world of today. By means of contextual information, such as hashtags, Pixlee is able to collect content that is relevant to a brand and turn the barrage of photos from various user­-generated platforms into a source of high quality content. More importantly, Pixlee curates and repurposes the images, and identifies the highest performing content for each and every use case.


  • Find a solid Redis and Memcached host
  • Keep up with the fast pace of growth with confidence and control
  • Maintain quality performance and high availability


  • Redis Labs’ binary Memcached with SASL solution
  • Redis Labs’ resilient and scalable platform, accommodating a constant rate of growth and providing Pixlee with smooth, seamless scaling
  • Redis Labs delivers mult-i­zone support and uptime maintenance capabilities where Redis and Memcached data sets are located


  • The ability to host and monitor Redis and Memcached together on the same platform
  • In-memory database operations under control, returning Pixlee’s primary focus to their core capabilities
  • Uninterrupted scaling and optimal caching
  • Zero performance issues and availability concerns, minimizing the risk of downtime

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"Redis Labs is a straightforward and reliable way for us to support top brands across the world. They have great customer support, and whenever I needed anything, they've always come back quickly and with an immediate solution. These guys are doing it right."

Jeff Chen

Co­Founder and Lead Developer at Pixlee