Download Now Leverages Redis Cloud to Scale Their 200GB In-Memory Database

Glide is the world’s first mobile video instant messenger. Utilizing a massive real-time network, Glide users are able to send text and video messages via live stream, whilst granting recipients the flexibility to read or watch the messages in real-time or at a later convenience.


  • Manage persistent storage in order to effectively generate real-time reminders and push notifications
  • Generate aggregated analytics in real-time, to support admin performance reports of the system
  • Limited storage capacity when dealing with unexpected data volume growth due to bugs in the system


  • Generate efficient database operations with Redis Labs’ platform, enabling Glide to store and share information in near real-time
  • Increment server activity to a Redis counter so as to not strain the backend database and avoid the creation of excess write requests
  • Separate any uncontrolled data growth in a separate database in order to address any faulty application logic
  • RedisLabs’ automatic scaling to overcome any Redis scalability limitations


  • Above par Redis performance
  • Less strain on the backend due to efficient Redis incrementation
  • Plenty of room for future growth
  • Peace of mind with Redis functions, allowing efforts to remain on business maintenance and growth
"It's the quietest part of my infrastructure. It's the part that just works. It keeps all the data and it scales without me having to worry about it."

Max Rabin

Head of Server Development at Glide