Delivering Financial Market Data On-Demand with Redis Enterprise Software

Based in the Silicon Valley, Xignite was recently named one of the ten coolest brands in banking. Xignite’s clients include more than 1,000 financial services, media and software companies from disruptive fintech firms, such as Betterment, FutureAdvisor, Motif Investing, Personal Capital, Robinhood, StockTwits, Wealthfront and Yodlee, to leading financial institutions, exchanges and market data vendors including NASDAQ OMX, SIX Financial Information and BMO.


  • Find an efficient external Redis management solution that ensures reliable caching and limitless scaling
  • Enable high availability and quality, stable Redis performance
  • Decrease response times whilst simultaneously handling an increase in user engagement


  • Redis Labs’ Instant and infinite database scaling with no downtime or interruption to the service
  • Redis Labs’ proven highly-available, predictable and stable solution
  • Top Redis performance with Redis Labs’ incomparable response times and support


  • The flexibility to grow at any rate and to any size
  • Steady operational management as well as performance gains
  • The mental freedom needed to focus on non-Redis issues at hand, such as customer support and application development

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"I no longer have to worry about the availability of my Redis layer- it is one less problem to worry about in my IT stack. And I save more than I had expected on hardware and operations personnel time!"

Qin Yu

Director of Engineering at Xignite