Case study


Whitepages is a global leader in digital identity verification services for businesses and consumers. The company’s innovative people search tools are powered by more than five billion—and growing—global identity records. As Whitepages expands its identity dataset beyond North America, it increasingly relies on Redis on Flash, enterprise-grade Redis from Redis Labs, to keep operational costs low and performance high.

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Why Whitepages Selects Redis Labs

Whitepages tested the performance and reliability of other solutions like MongoDB, Cassandra, Couchbase, Amazon ElastiCache and others but found that none could handle the full dataset size and still provide the single-digit latency that Redis could deliver. Redis Enterprise helps Whitepages maintain sub-hundred millisecond end-to-end latency of its application and provide a consistent end-user experience of its digital identity verification services for businesses and consumers, as it expands its identity dataset to achieve global reach.

Fast Growth Impacts Latency

“A single name query can give rise to 100 additional calls as it works its way through our connected graph database, expanding into date of birth, relatives, phone numbers, addresses, and so on,” says Jason Frazier, software engineer at Whitepages. “At peak volumes, this easily translates into upwards of 200,000 calls to Redis per second.”

Initially, Whitepages housed the IDs to all that data in a key-value store on Amazon ElastiCache. But as the company expanded into other countries and saw its database rapidly balloon, this solution became unwieldy and resource-intensive. MongoDB, Apache Cassandra, and Couchbase were all evaluated as replacements for Elasticache, but, ultimately, none could handle the full dataset size and still provide the single-digit latency Whitepages was seeking.


  • Single-digit ms latency: Whitepages’ apps are highly sensitive to latency, leaving no room for error
  • Reduced infrastructure costs: More efficient storage options for its five billion—and growing—identity records

Redis on Flash Benefits

  • High performance: Redis on Flash is lightning fast, even for datasets measured in terabytes
  • Significant operational savings: Extending Redis Enterprise to Flash storage for cold values reduces the need for expensive RAM

“We now only use 30% of the RAM storage we previously used, with no sacrifice in latency. That equates to hundreds of thousands of dollars in infrastructure savings each year.”

Varun Kumar
Principal Architect

Redis on Flash Saves the Day and Dollar

After several failed attempts with other NoSQL databases, Whitepages began researching enterprise-grade Redis from Redis Labs and Redis on Flash caught their attention. Redis on Flash stores hot values and keys in RAM and cold values in cost-effective flash-based SSDs. This breakthrough approach of tiering data access drastically reduces an application’s operational costs—without compromising performance, saving Whitepages hundreds of thousands of dollars.