Case study


Stance, a pioneer of the modern retail shopping experience, architected a modern, high performance, highly responsive website showcasing the originality and creativity of exciting and diverse sock designs. To meet the surging demand from ardent fans of its celebrity-endorsed apparel, Stance used the high performance Redis Cloud platform to scale automatically when needed and deliver thousands of responses at sub-millisecond latencies, even at peak loads.

Meeting Modern Shopping Needs with a Fresh Technical Approach

When Rihanna, one of Stance’s creative directors tweeted about her limited edition product on to her 60+ million followers, the site had to not only withstand huge bursts of traffic but also maintain an extremely fast checkout process for the limited edition products.

Only something that ran in-memory would do. “Redis is just that fast”, says Andrew, ”Our stock notifier system has to simultaneously inform thousands of clients about inventory availability with submillisecond latencies. Only Redis can do this.”


Stance was looking for a higher performing database that would enable them to lower application latencies, using fewer internal IT resources.

Redis Enterprise Benefits

  • Seamless, automatic scaling with consistent high performance and no downtime
  • Cost-effective as it eliminates need for operational expertise and maitenance
  • Works across multiple clouds


“We have architected things to be very efficient, but Redis Enterprise Cloud surprised us with how effortlessly efficient it can be.”

Andrew Spencer
Director of Technology

The Redis Cloud is the Place to be

Building the operations expertise in-house to manage auto-scaling is expensive in terms of people and time, and not as cost-effective as Redis Enterprise. Redis Cloud relieves the Stance team from having to worry about the operations side of Redis entirely. “We have architected things to be very efficient,” Andrew states,” but Redis Enterprise Cloud surprised us with how effortlessly efficient it can be.”

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