Case study


With the changes happening in consumer behavior, the rise of the visual web, the massive volume of social sharing, and increased sophistication in customer data, Pixlee delivers a personalized visual marketing platform to help brands increase engagement, loyalty, and ultimately conversion. Delivering top performance in a highly-available, infinitely scalable, predictable and stable manner is indispensable.

Redis Labs offers Redis Enterprise and Memcached for developers helping Pixlee deliver sophisticated customer interaction. Being able to host and monitor Redis Enterprise and Memcached together on the same platform and Redis Labs’ highly-resilient multi-zone support, which significantly minimizes downtime, were critical factors for why Pixlee chose Redis Enterprise.

Solving for High Availability with Real-Time Failover

Pixlee faces the challenge of serving a multitude of content climates and it was evident from the sheer magnitude of traffic on each client’s website that exponential growth was on the horizon.

By providing a platform that accommodates a constant rate of growth, Redis Enterprise provides smooth, seamless, uninterrupted scaling and optimal caching, resolving any performance issues accompanied by heavy traffic proactively and enabling adequate analyses and appropriate planning to handle Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 company websites.


  • A solid redis and memcached host
  • Ability to keep up with the fast pace of growth
  • Ability to maintain quality performance and high availability

Redis Enterprise Benefits

  • Handling in-memory database operations to return development focus
  • Smooth and seamlessly scaling database platform
  • Automate  failover and maintain utmost high availability


“Redis Labs is a straightforward and reliable way for us to support top brands across the world. They have great customer support, and whenever I needed anything, they’ve always come back quickly and with an immediate solution. These guys are doing it right.”

Jeff Chen
Co-Founder and Lead Developer

Redis Enterprise was the Naturally Fitting Choice

Pixlee’s photo and album data, as with real-time analytics data, are stored in several tables in a PostgreSQL database for reporting and analytics. Because of these demands, an up-to-date and reliable in-memory database along with caching is crucial to the company’s survival. By choosing Redis Enterprise, an in-memory database, was a natural fit for Pixlee’s Ruby-on-Rails applications.

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