Case study

Health Stream

In order to improve patient outcomes, HealthStream provides a suite of software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions for training and learning management, talent management, performance assessment, credentialing, and simulation-based training programs to over 4.5 million users. Redis Enterprise has firmly established itself as the caching system of choice at HealthStream. Having demonstrated its high performance, high availability, and operational simplicity, Redis Enterprise is now being deployed as a cache to all distributed systems across HealthStream.

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High Impact with High Availability

Redis Enterprise delivered the high performance and high availability that were key requirements for Healthstream. Redis Enterprise offers automated zero-downtime scaling completely transparent to users and uninterrupted high availability, with diskless replication, instant failure detection, and failover across racks, zones, geographies.

“We wanted a system that was not only blazing fast but also highly available and reliable. Only Redis Labs could meet our grueling requirements while providing operational simplicity and tremendous ease of deployment,”


  • A high performance datastore with a low operational overhead
  • A blazing fast system, highly available and reliable
  • Easy deployment

Redis Enterprise Benefits

  • High performance and high availability with <1ms latency and no outages or issues
  • Zero operational hassle, no maintenance worries
  • Enterprise-grade deployment and support


“Only Redis Labs could meet our grueling requirements while providing operational simplicity and tremendous ease of deployment.”

Brent Holliman
Director of Product Architecture

Redis Enterprise Helps Save Lives and Time

Healthstream’s solutions needed a high performance datastore that could enhance user responsiveness with low operational overhead. Redis Enterprise demonstrated superb performance and high availability, powering a rollout of new courses. With its tremendous impact on application performance, coupled with operational simplicity, Redis Enterprise delivers the most cost effective database solution for Healthstream’s enterprise applications. Backed by Redis Labs’ expertise, Healthstream accomplished a fast rollout of Redis Enterprise to its mission critical applications, bringing a quick return on investment for the team.

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