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Responsible for the wildly popular Trivia Crack and Pictionary online games, Etermax had exhausted the capabilities of its open source Redis installation. In an effort to push past the CPU bottlenecks, lack of scalability, and prohibitive costs of its existing database configuration, Etermax turned to enterprise-grade Redis from Redis Labs and ended up serving over 25M+ users with zero downtime.

Redis on Flash – A Game Changing Database Platform for Etermax – a RedisConf18 story

With a total of 300 million installs, 20 million daily active users and a peak usage of up to 25 million users for our most popular games, Etermax has grown exponentially and greatly benefited from Redis Enterprise’s high scalability and storage capabilities. This video describes how Redis Enterprise is used to manage user sessions, device management, password authentication, pub/sub, query caching and much more.


Etermax needed to maximize the efficiency and scale of its open source Redis installation in order to accommodate the rapid growth of its online games.

Redis Enterprise Benefits

  • 70% savings in AWS infrastructure costs
  • High availability without redundancy
  • Cost-effective data storage through the use of flash memory for “cold” data
  • Maximized server throughput with up to 95% CPU utilization


“Redis Enterprise brought huge improvements in efficiency, doing a better job with less server infrastructure and allowing us to grow beyond what we could have predicted.”

Gonzalo Garcia

How Etermax Reduced AWS Infrastructure Cost by 30%

As a growing mobile gaming company, Etermax approached the limits of its open source Redis installation as the company saw its customer base rise by two to three million users every week. CPU and memory bottlenecks were an issue, and maintaining a completely redundant infrastructure for high availability was considered too costly under the current configuration. Yet, once Redis Enterprise was deployed, it improved efficiency with less server infrastructure.

“Redis Enterprise helped us scale without any downtime or performance impact, which is critical given that we serve approximately 25 million customers a day,” said Gonzalo Garcia, CTO at Etermax. “Redis Labs exceeded our expectations as we were getting to 95 percent CPU utilization, and improved reliability for users without the need for expensive hardware.”

Everything But the Kitchen Sink

In addition to using Redis as a persistent database, the gaming company leverages Redis’ many features and data types for advanced functionality throughout its gaming operations, including:

  • Session and device management
  • Password authentication
  • Caching for queries that run slow
  • Expiration of game state once game ends
  • User and game information indexing such as all the questions a user has answered and all players a user has played against (stored as hashes)
  • Real-time personalization in deciding which questions to serve up next based on user preferences and behavior
  • Data processing that turns user preferences and behavior into business metrics for analysis by developers
  • Game expiration notifications
  • Username searches

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