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Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel is a highly curated online dating service. Since its founding in 2012, the dating app provider has grown to more than three million users around the globe. As Coffee Meets Bagel makes a concerted effort to expand its international presence, it relies on Redis Enterprise Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) for lightning-fast performance that seamlessly scales across a number of critical functions—from caching and user analytics to real-time data streaming.

Why Coffee Meets Bagel Selects Redis Labs

Coffee Meets Bagel initially struggled with its implementation of Cassandra and later its adoption of Elasticache. While Cassandra delivered on basic high write volume requirements, it experienced partial outages that impacted the end-user experience. Although ElastiCache initially became a integral part of Coffee Meets Bagel’s production environment, the DevOps team found they needed a highly available and scalable solution with 24×7 support. For Coffee Meets Bagel, high performance was a critical to their operations and Redis Labs’ expertise has helped them troubleshoot issues while optimizing Redis’ performance capabilities.


High performance. Processing upwards of one terabyte of data an hour with lightning-fast performance Redis expertise. Wanted a knowledgeable partner to help troubleshoot issues, optimize performance, and smoothly scale operations Lowered costs. Minimizing AWS spend on Redis instances.

Redis Enterprise Benefits

Zero operational hassle. Fully managed service and Redis expertise and support, allowing Coffee Meets Bagel to focus on application innovation Fast data ingest. Seamless scales to process over 300 million messages and more than one billion matches an hour, without the need for worker throttling Significant operational savings. Flash storage for cold values reduces need for expensive RAM and saving over 40% of AWS costs.


“Redis Enterprise’s auto scaling capabilities have eliminated days of manual effort previously required to ensure that workers were readily available for scaling during high-traffic times. In addition, we’ve had no problem achieving 99.99% uptime.”

Stephen Brandon
Engineering Manager, Infrastructure
Coffee Meet Bagel

High Performance is Mission Critical

Before adopting Redis, Coffee Meets Bagel was struggling with its implementation of Cassandra. While Cassandra delivered on basic high write volume requirements, it experienced noticeable issues when it came to simultaneous updates and deletions, resulting in partial outages that impacted end-user experience.

Coffee Meets Bagel turned to Redis Enterprise to deliver consistent high-performance. Redis Enterprise Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) was deployed to seamlessly scale across the globe while serving a number of critical functions, including caching, user analytics and real-time data streaming.

“High performance has always been critical to our operations,” says John Valdez, DevOps Engineer at Coffee Meets Bagel. “It was the key reason we chose open-source in-memory Redis when building out our application architecture many years ago, and, more recently, it was an important factor in our decision to move to Redis Enterprise.”

Caching, User Session Store, Fast Data Ingest, Primary Database

Redis Enterprise provides high-performing in-memory operations that enable Coffee Meets Bagel to generate highly personalized recommendations for its millions of users, and process billions of user matches at high speeds, using many of Redis’s versatile data structures including bloom filters, sets, sorted sets, geospatial indexes and sinter operations. Redis Enterprise is the primary database for more than two terabytes (and growing) of user information. Redis Enterprise’s data ingest capabilities seamlessly scale to process upwards of one terabyte of data an hour, including over 300 million exchanged messages and more than one billion matches, without the need for worker throttling. In addition to that, through Redis Enterprise’s in-memory processing and backlog queue, Coffee Meets Bagel is able to store data for later use.

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Reaping Many Benefits

Coffee Meets Bagel has seen many other benefits as a result of its move to Redis Enterprise, including 24/7 support, hassle free automated operations, reduced AWS spend, cloud-agnostic consistency and significant cost savings. As Coffee Meets Bagel expands its international presence, it would like to eventually leverage Redis Enterprise’s CRDT-based active-active architecture, which is designed for geographically distributed applications. “Active-active replication will be a great fit for us as we continue our expansion outside the United States,” says Valdez. “But in the meantime, we’re just enjoying the breath of fresh air-—and the breathing room—that Redis Enterprise has brought to our operations.”