Brand Guidelines

Redis Labs Logo

Use this logo, except against a solid dark background.

For instances where there is a solid dark background, use the logo as white reversed against dark, as seen in the upper left corner of this website.

Download below:


Redis Enterprise Logo

Download below:

Redis Labs Logo Usage Restrictions

The Redis Labs marks represent the core values of our brand, from meaningful connections in real time to simple amplified expression. Please don’t present the marks in a manner that suggests sponsorship or endorsement by Redis Labs, or confuse Redis Labs with another brand. Always use our official and unmodified Redis Labs logo to represent Redis Labs.


  • Use speech bubbles or words around the logo
  • Rotate or change the direction of the logo
  • Animate the logo
  • Surround the logo with anything
  • Change the color of the logo
  • Add special effects to the logo
  • Use older versions of the logo, previous logos, or any marks that may be confused with the brand

Official Redis Labs Colors


Redis Labs primarily uses the Lato font family — friendly, legible, and approachable.