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eHarmony, an online relationship services provider, makes up to 15 million matches per day and chose Redis Enterprise to achieve a responsive and interactive customer experience, with the least operational overhead.

Redis Enterprise fulfills many roles – from real-time analytics to supporting low latency match searches, to powering news feeds and profile data – delivering a superior experience to the desktop as well as mobile users. With its automated, seamless scaling and cost-effective low-touch manageability, Redis Enterprise provides a robust technology platform for their team.

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Customer experience is critical to eHarmony. Redis Enterprise was selected to provide us with the needed high availability, scalability and service we expect from a real-time, low latency, enterprise-grade database.

—Prateek Jain

VP & Head of Technology eHarmony

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Vijay discusses how Redis Enterprise acts as the nerve center at eHarmony to deliver personalized experiences to hundreds of thousands of concurrent customers while they are in session, at unprecedented speed and with the least operational overhead.

Customer requirements

  • Real-time, responsive customer experience.
  • Low operational overhead
  • Flexible data structures to simplify data querying and storage

Redis Enterprise benefits

  • Zero operational hassle, no maintenance worries
  • True high availability—no outages, no latency issues—without the learning curve
  • Assured, 24×7 expert support

High Availability and Scaling Needs Drive the Selection of Redis Enterprise

eHarmony uses Redis Enterprise in several applications to deliver the highest level of responsiveness and interactive customer experience. The Redis data structures simplify processes for storing data and accelerates time to market. Redis Enterprise powers a variety of use cases – from real-time user authentication and analytics to supporting low latency match searches, powering news feeds and profile data. Redis Enterprise is used to supercharge their microservices architecture including authorization store, badge store, speed store in lambda architecture, sorted sets for security, configuration services, hibernating second level cache, lightweight broker to publish messages, rate control the API usage by IP/UA, migrate user services and many more.

Future Compatibility

As eHarmony gears up to meet the growing needs and expectations of tomorrow’s singles, it considers Redis Enterprise to be a critical component in its solution stack. “We plan to expand our use of Redis Enterprise all across eHarmony,” says Jain. “Its ease of use, performance, high availability, flexible data structures, and built-in expert support make it highly desirable to us for many additional use cases such as primary data store and message broker.”