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Case Studies

Learn How Microsoft Relies on Redis Labs

Microsoft Corporation strives to offer a great customer experience via targeted and personalized engagement on its sites. Learn how Microsoft relies on Redis Labs to address their low latency needs while personalizing the customer experience and increasing customer engagement.


How to handle >1 billion page views a month cost effectively with Redis Labs

“The basic idea is that our main database is also our cache system—everything is updated in real time. I am yet to encounter limits with Redis Labs’ scalability. It allows me to handle peaks in traffic that grow 2000% without any need to scale my database infrastructure.”


Redis Labs Enables Twitch to handle 2M + Concurrent Users with <1ms Latencies, High Availability and Seamless Scaling

"As an engineering team focused on high scale and high volume, Twitch wanted to spend minimal time on operations but really required high availability and reliability for their Redis layer. Redis Labs eliminated the need for Twitch to build operational expertise around managing the nuances of running Redis in production."


Super-charging HealthStream applications with Redis Labs Enterprise Cluster

"We wanted a system that was not only blazing fast but also highly available and reliable. Only Redis Labs could meet our grueling requirements while providing operational simplicity and tremendous ease of deployment."


How we improved website performance with Redis Labs

"As the 2nd largest sports site in the world, Bleacher Report handles more than 80 Million visitors each month. We rely on Redis Labs to super charge our app… who else can deliver response in under a couple milliseconds?"

Handling rising demand for instant bookings and checkin with Redis Labs

"If your application is using Redis, then don’t look beyond Redis Cloud. Scaling on demand, reliability and excellent support are some of the things that you can take granted for. You can focus on building your applications, while Redis Cloud does the scaling magic behind the scenes."

Defining the modern retail experience with Redis Cloud

"Auto scaling is great to have and Redis Cloud handles all our scaling needs without any downtime. We, at Stance, have architected things to be very efficient, but Redis Cloud surprised us with how effortlessly efficient it can be."


Delivering Financial Market Data On-Demand with Redis Labs Enterprise Cluster (RLEC)

"I no longer have to worry about the availability of my Redis layer- it is one less problem to worry about in my IT stack. And I save more than I had expected on hardware and operations personnel time!"


Scaling a 200GB in-memory database noiselessly with Redis Labs

"It’s the quietest part of my infrastructure. It’s the part that just works. It keeps all the data and it scales without me having to worry about it."


Achieving high availability and seamless scalability with Redis Labs

"Redis Labs has all the key features we look for in an infrastructure-as-a-service product: automated scalability, automated failover and recovery, reliability, and superior performance."


How Pixlee Uses Redis Labs to Serve Top Brands

"Redis Labs is a straightforward and reliable way for us to support top brands across the world. They have great customer support, and whenever I needed anything, they've always come back quickly and with an immediate solution. These guys are doing it right."


Delivering Financial Advice in Real time with Redis Cloud

"Redis Cloud offered something no one else did- zero downtime upgrades and downgrades. Redis Cloud is a no-brainer – Even running a single medium tier EC2 instance would be more expensive than using Redis Cloud."


Gartner Acknowledges Redis Labs as a Leader

In the 2015 Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems (ODBMS)


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