Technical Enablement Architect

We are looking for an experienced Technical Architect to extend the Technical Enablement Team.

The Technical Enablement team‘s mission is to make the members of Redis Labs’ technical field industry-recognized for their knowledge and excellence. 

As a Technical Enablement Architect you will have a variety of responsibilities. Your day-to-day activities include the onboarding of new technical field members, delivery of technical knowledge around Redis Labs products/services/features (e.g., Redis Enterprise, RediSearch, RedisGraph, RedisTimeSeries and RedisAI), education in specific industries/verticals (e.g., IoT, Edge Computing, Finance and Retail) and the development of demo applications and training material.

Our ideal candidate is a skilled Software Engineer/Architect with experience in customer-facing roles who enjoys working with cross-functional teams

If you are passionate about a variety of technologies and enjoy the opportunity to teach and mentor other techies, then this is the right challenge for you!


  • Develop and deliver technical enablement training with a focus on the Redis Labs technology, using technical and domain-specific use cases.
  • Onboard and mentor new members of the Redis Labs technical field teams.
  • Improve and administer the Redis Labs internal Learning Management System.
  • Act as an internal trusted advisor and consultant by helping to sustain and establish best practices for Redis Labs’ technical teams.
  • Design, implement and standardize demo applications to support the Redis Labs Pre-Sales team.
  • Collaborate with the Redis Labs Product Management team to optimize the training curriculum for new features and product releases.
  • Work closely with the Redis Labs technical field teams (Solution Engineering, Customer Success, Technical Account Management, Professional Services).


  • B.Sc. in Computer Science or equivalent experience in software and/or a technologically relevant field
  • 10+ years in the IT industry
  • 2+ years experience in a customer-facing role (e.g. Pre-Sales Consulting, Professional Services, Customer Success or Technical Support)
  • Full-stack development skills
    • Backend/core development (e.g., Java, Python, Node.js, C#)
    • Middleware solutions and frameworks (e.g., Spring, Struts, Express, Flask)
    • Frontend/UI development (e.g., Bootstrap, Angular, jQuery, Vaadin)
  • Database Systems know-how (Relational or NoSQL)
  • Experience in technical training (taught training sessions/workshops)
  • Technical writing skills 
  • Fluency in written and spoken English


  • Experience with Redis
  • At least a few publications (e.g., Scientific papers, White papers, Blog articles or author of a book)
  • Native English speaker